One Day with Rashmi Bhabhi

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Hi Friends,

My name is Dhruv. Today I will share a story when I got a job after my Engineering at TCS and had shifted to Mumbai.

I am just a normal guy with average height and body structure, but I have a soft heart and love and care anyone from bottom of my heart. I am never hungry for sex, and believe more in a strong relationship then sex.

In Mumbai, I  was staying in an Apartment in Andheri (w) area. Four of us were sharing a 3 BHK flat and all of us were working in TCS, though our shifts were different. I had a night shift and all my 3 other friends had  a day shift. So I was at home in daytime and used to sleep till late afternoon.

Just opposite to our flat stayed Rashmi Bhabhi.. (we used to call her bhabhi as her  Husband was older than us and Bhabi is any time a safe relationship). Rashmi Bhabhi husband was in merchant navy and was mostly on tours outside India. Due to this reason Rashmi Bhanbhi was mostly alone at home. Since I stayed at home in day time, I sometime talked to her while she was in the common area.

One day when I got up in the afternoon, I had high fever due to which my body was aching. I searched for paracetamol at home but couldn’t find; then I went to Rashmi Bhabhi’s flat to check whether she has some medicine. She had Crocin and gave it to me, she also asked if I need anything else, I said thanks and came back. I took the medicine and it helped me in reducing my fever.

After some time bell rang and when I opened the door, Rashmi Bhabhi was standing on the door with a Lunch Box. She said you have fever so I prepared Khichdi for you, this will be light on your stomach and help you in recovering fast. She was looking very beautiful in black saree and matching sandals. Her skin was glowing in the sleeveless blouse and beads of her necklace were shining in the day light. She always wore a diamond nose-piece which was looking fab on her. Her saree was draped beautifully and her navel was visible to me.

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I asked her if she is going somewhere, she said no, so I invited her to come in. She said ok and came inside the house. She asked where is the kitchen and served me the khichdi in a plate. I started having it and we talked about a lot of things during that time. She was really happy, I think she liked talking to me. I then asked her if she would like to have some tea, she said yes and then I prepared special masala chai for her. She like it a lot. She looked so lively when laughing and smiling, her white teeth lined under her red lips looked perfect. She then started to go, and came to me and touched my forehead with her palm to touch if I still have any fever. Her hands were so soft and her touch gave me an electric shock through out my body. She said now you don’t have any fever and left.

I kept thinking about her for a long time, till my friends came back to home. But I did not tell any one about this incident.

Next afternoon, I went to Rashmi Bhabhi’s home again and asked if she wants to have masala chai again. She smiled and said yes, but said that today you will have to prepare the tea at my home. I was very happy to hear this. I went in and she asked me to sit while she change. She was wearing a deep neck gown which ran till her knees. Her legs were very beautiful. She went in and came back in a purple saree tied perfectly below her belly button. She wore a sleeveless and backless blouse, she kept her hair in the front over her shoulder, so her back was clearly visible.

I went in the kitchen with her and started making the tea. She passed me the tea and sugar boxes so that I can easily touch her fingers. She came close to me and stood touching me from side to smell the fragrance of the tea and said its really good. We then sat on the sofa and enjoyed the tea. Meanwhile she switched on the TV and we started watching a very good old hindi movie. She came on my 2 seater Sofa and sat close to me. My shoulder and thighs were touching her thighs and shoulder.

After few minutes she turned her face to me and held my face in her hands, I looked in to her eyes and then started smooching her. Her lips were as soft as rose petals and her tongue flavored of caramel. We rolled in and out our tongues in each other mouths and feeling each others body with hands at the same time. Then I took her face in my palms and she closed her eyes. I kissed her eyelids, and lied her on the sofa. Then I opened her blouse and started feeling her breasts. She started moaning, then I removed her bra; her nipples were tight, I asked her if she has any ice cream at home. She had vanilla ice-cream, I put some ice-cream on her breasts and then licked every bit of it. Her nipples now were much more harder due to cold ice-cream. Then i took her nipples in my mouth and sucked each of it one by one and she kept moaning.

She then came up and asked me to lie on the sofa. She removed my pants and took my penis in her hands. She then opened her red lips and took my penis in her mouth, she sucked it really well from my penis to crotch and after some time I cum in her mouth and she sucked all of it. Then I started rubbing her panty but then she refused. She said she is ready for fun only and not for sex. I said its ok and then we enjoyed a lot sucking and nibbling each other.

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